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bread pudding

Bread Pudding Recipe

Date of Post: Oct 23, 2013

Thanks to our Facebook fans for requesting the bread pudding recipe, one of the favorites at The Buffet. It's easy to make, and we hope you enjoy it!


• 1 quart half and half
• ½ cup brown sugar
• ½ cup sugar
• 1 pinch salt
• ½ teaspoon cinnamon
• 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
• 2 eggs
• 8 slices cinnamon swirl bread
• 9" x 12" baking pan


1. Combine all ingredients except for the bread with a whisk to make custard.
2. Place bread in a 9" x 12" pan, with each piece of bread overlapping one another in a "shingle" pattern. Cover with custard.
3. Bake in a conventional oven at *250˚ for approximately 60 minutes (there should be no liquid custard when pierced with a knife in the center). Serve warm or cold.

*Depending on your oven, cook time could vary. If the bread is not firm after 60 minutes, keep at 250˚ and check until bread is firm.

You can also top the bread pudding with the caramel sauce used for topping ice cream (as shown in the photo).

Give it a try and let us know what you think! If you want to share photos of your masterpiece, email them to and we could feature them on Facebook!

The Culinary Team at Four Winds Casinos is dedicated to the art of preparing and serving delectable dishes. We enjoy sharing recipes with our guests and fans because we know you love our restaurants—which are some of the finest restaurants in New Buffalo, Michigan, South Bend, Indiana and the surrounding area. Four Winds Casinos offers fine dining at Copper Rock Steakhouse, modern dining with a twist at Kankakee Grille, and our popular Timbers Fast Food & Deli.


Mar 23, 2019
rice pudding recipe would be great! also love the squash casserole at players club
Janise Rose
Feb 24, 2015
The bread pudding is the best!!! I have it every time I'm at the casino.
Jeanie Dailey
Feb 24, 2015
The bread pudding is out of this world look forward to eating it every time we come visit so moist and warm love it
Carla van Hattum
Mar 21, 2014
This is the best bread pudding ever. Love it main reason I go to buffet..
Francs Mitch
Jan 16, 2014
Love the recipes!! Is there a chance you may be sharing the wonderful rice pudding recipe? Love it!!!
Ronald van Wieren
Oct 31, 2013
A must have for wife and I when we are there. Hartford is becoming are new favorite casino. thanx!
Judith Mitchell
Oct 25, 2013
Four Winds is the absolute best casino ever. We have been to many and we always return to Four Winds-Beautiful rooms,best slots ever-great food-who could ask for more.

Thanks for the Bread Pudding Recipe-it is the desert I also go for.-Keep up the good work.

Will be there Sunday.
Debbe Wellman
Oct 25, 2013
I am in heaven, thank you thank you thank you! I love your bread pudding! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmo!
Four Winds Casino
Oct 25, 2013
Hi All,

Thanks for the great feedback! The bread pudding is topped using caramel sauce (the kind used for ice cream). Good luck and enjoy!
Frances Mitch
Oct 24, 2013
Thanks for sharing!!! Now for the Rice Pudding recipe! :) Please!!
Lauren Kowalczewski
Oct 24, 2013
My Sis, Annette, loves bread pudding. I'm looking for a good recipe to surprise her with. I'm going to try this one...and even I will try it!

Thanks so much for sharing your recipes!
Hope Tackett
Oct 24, 2013
I love the bread pudding......what about the sauce on the top.....will it make itself or what do you use........I would also be interested in the rice pudding served @ the Copper members only......or whatever it's called.......thanks
Melissa Rodriguez
Oct 24, 2013
My favorite item at the buffet! thanks for the recipe
Jamie Monahon
Oct 24, 2013
What about the warm vanilla sauce you can put on it?

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