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Gamblit Gaming at Four Winds New Buffalo

Win Cash Playing Your Favorite Video Games

Date of Post: Jun 24, 2019

Win Cash Playing Your Favorite Video Games!

Do you have what it takes to crush the high score and win a huge jackpot? Win cash for earning bonuses, demolishing levels, and finding pairs as fast as you can. 

The better you are, the more you could win when you play your favorite video games at Four Winds New Buffalo! The new Gamblit Gaming stations give you the chance to win big in a new interactive gaming experience.

Are you ready for a candy filled adventure? Solve rewarding puzzles in pursuit of candy for Om Nom™! The more you feed Om Nom’s sweet tooth the more cash you win!

It’s mass destruction! This worldwide #1 smash hit game pays you for your ability to wreak havoc in the world of knights! Launch a shot, unleash tornadoes, meteor storms, and mystic vortexes to topple the knights causing mayhem! Are you ready to destroy the world of knights for big money payouts?  


The excitement of the hit TV show Deal or No Deal is now paired with the fast-paced game of poker! Hold your cards and find the winning combos in the silver suitcases. Do you have what it takes to find a full-house or royal flush?

You have 30 seconds to put your wordsmithing to the test! The better you are with chaining letters to form words the better your payouts will be! You’ve got 5 payouts you can unlock with your mad word combos. How lucky are your words? We’ll find out.


The matching game that beats them all. Matching three of the same ocean or savanna creatures unlocks more mega-adorable critters and wins you cash! Match them as fast as you can and use powerups to see how high up the evolutionary chain you can go. Want to win even bigger? Create multi-match combos!


We’re excited to have the first interactive gaming options in Southwest Michigan! Show your friends who’s boss in the fun and challenging games of Deal or No Deal Poker, Cut The Rope 2, Catapult King, Lucky Words, Match 3volution. From mass destruction and adorable animals to words, there is something for all your friends to try. Located next to The C Bar at Four Winds New Buffalo, your Gamblit Gaming jackpots are waiting. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for more features and game previews.







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