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Gaming 101: Crazy 4 Poker

Date of Post: Apr 22, 2015

At Four Winds Casinos, we understand that it can be intimidating to walk up to a table with seasoned players and try to learn a new game, so we're going to teach you how to play the exciting game of Crazy 4 Poker. 

To Play

Like the traditional game of Poker, Crazy 4 Poker uses a standard 52 card deck. The game features head-to-head play against the Dealer and two bonus bets – one mandatory, the other optional. Each player is dealt five cards and will use four to make the best hand.

Ante and Super Bonus

The Ante and Super Bonus bets facilitate head-to-head play against the Dealer. To begin the game, Players place two equal wagers: an Ante wager and a Super Bonus wager. After looking at their hands, Players may either fold (and lose both wagers), or they may stay in the game by making the Play wager. The Play wager must equal the Ante wager, unless the Player has a pair of Aces or better. With a pair of Aces or better, the Player may bet up to 3x the Ante.

Once the Players decide to play or fold, the Dealer will turn over their cards, discard one and play the top four. For the Dealer to play, their hand must be at least king-high, otherwise the Ante bet pushes. When the dealer doesn’t qualify the Play wager wins and the Ante pushes. 

Super Bonus

 The Super Bonus wins when the Player gets a straight or better. However, failure to get at least a straight does not result in an automatic loss of the Super Bonus. This bet pushes when the Player gets less than a straight, but beats or ties the Dealer.

Hands of straight or better always receive Super Bonus payouts. When the Player has a straight or better but loses to the Dealer’s qualifying hand, he or she still wins the Super Bonus payouts and the original wager stays on the layout.

Optional Queens Up Side Wager

The Queens Up bet is optional. However, Players may make the Queens Up wager for any amount within the posted table limits. Players may bet more on the Queens Up bet than they bet on the Ante and Super Bonus. The Queens Up side bet wins when the Player receives a pair of Queens or better. Odds for this optional bet are printed on the table layout. The bet loses when the Player fails to get at least a pair of Queens.


Player Folds

Ante and Super Bonus lose

Dealer does not qualify with a king-high or better

Play wins 1 to 1; Ante pushes

Player beats Dealer and qualifying hand

Play and Ante wins 1 to 1

Player loses to Dealer’s qualifying hand

Play and Ante lose

Player ties Dealer’s qualifying hand

Play and Ante push


Now that you know the basics, try your luck at Crazy 4 Poker at Four Winds New Buffalo. If you are still unsure about playing, just let the Dealer know it’s your first time playing and they would be happy to assist you. 

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