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Top 5 Considerations for Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

Date of Post: Oct 15, 2013

Summer is just a memory. Kids have headed back to school, leaves begin to fall, and football is on TV. Only 71 shopping days left until Christmas... what?!

Yes--it's true what they say--time flies! Although it is definitely not too late to start making holiday party plans, it is best to begin the process sooner, rather than later, to ensure there are acceptable options available of where to host your company holiday celebration.

Four Winds New Buffalo has the ability to host the perfect function for your corporate event—from small, intimate dinner parties in Copper Rock Steakhouse to a banquet for 1,000—the meeting spaces at Four Winds are unrivaled in our area. To help you plan the best event for your organization, our Group Sales team has compiled our top five considerations for planning the perfect corporate holiday party.

The staff member tasked with planning your event needs to begin by addressing these five key questions:

1. Who?

Decide who is to be included. Is the party for the entire company? Or limited to specific departments or offices? Will it be for employees only, or are significant others invited? Knowing the answers to these questions is important regarding party size and type and will impact budget and appropriate location

2. What?

Is the main objective to show employee appreciation? If so, it needs to be thought out to not only include the entire staff but to balance doing something nice while still reflecting fiscal responsibility

3. Why?

Obligated by tradition? Hopefully it is a sincere gesture of appreciation for the staff and co-workers who spend so much time working together. It is a special time of year to get together for reflection, camaraderie and to celebrate the fruits of the labor and everyone's efforts.

4. When?

Consider the day of week and time of day when you want to have your party. Some businesses operate three shifts and need to figure out a way to include everyone. Or maybe the holiday season is the busiest time of the year and scheduling a party is better before Thanksgiving or even after the New Year – parties should be scheduled when most of the staff is available. Weekends can pose many conflicts with personal obligations and the overall hectic time of the season (especially later in December).

Time of day--Consider a lunch or early evening event. Planning menus for these times may be more cost effective and may eliminate or at least minimize the cost of whether alcoholic beverages would be offered at the event.

5. Where?

Once all of the other objectives have been determined search for a place with a convenient location, appropriate size to accommodate your group and research their offerings to see if it is within budget and the overall image you are considering.

Taking into account these considerations- the earlier you begin planning the better your chances of finding a venue that is the best fit for a successful holiday party.

Not sure where to get started? The Group Sales team at Four Winds New Buffalo can help you plan the perfect corporate holiday event. Our beautiful facilities are the perfect venue for a small, casual meal or a large-scale party. Contact us now or complete a RFP and our team will be in touch to help you create a memorable holiday party.

Happy Holidays!

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